Our focus this week has been on receiving daily bread from the Father to fulfill the call He has on our lives. For so many this is a major source of stress due mainly to a wrong focus that looks to themselves as the source of their supply. It is and always has been the design and the desire of the Father for His people to receive  His provision for life’s needs. For those who are fully engaged in kingdom living, those walking in faithful obedience to God’s will, they can live a life with confidence that where God directs He provides. Jesus not only taught this, He modeled it. He was not rich by human standards, saying that there were times He had nowhere to lay His head. Yet He lived a fully funded life — a life fully provided for and empowered to do exactly what the Father directed Him to do.

In Luke 12, He asked us to consider the ravens and the lilies. They do not worry their way through life  — yet God provides all they need. Of course, we are not talking about a “whatever” life that in presumptive entitlement does nothing expecting the Father to bail them out. It doesn’t work that way. What is it implied here is a life that is “all in”, a life that is denying our own self-centeredness by taking up the cross of being His disciple. Life boils down to a basic choice: I am either operations our of anxiety trying to make it all work for me or I am operating our of abiding in God who is at work in and through my life.



  1. Is your trust in yourself to make life work or are you abiding in the vine with confidence that He is there and that He cares?
  2. What is it today that He is asking you to stop trying to fix and instead release to Him in trust?


Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow…

Matthew 6:33-34