Why SALTgroups?

SALTgroups are the small communities within our large community of More 2 Life. We believe that people are the church; not buildings, titles, or budgets. Therefore, anytime a group of believers gather together in Jesus’ name, there Christ is in their midst. SALTgroups are about God’s people serving and growing in community together as one church. It’s easy to come in on a Sunday morning to our Celebration Service and get lost in the crowd, but in a SALTgroup, we’re asking you to engage in the lives of others and to truly invest your life in a community of caring and belonging. SALTgroups serve as an ongoing discipleship setting where we are intentional about growing together in the Lord. It is in these groups where the Christian life is modeled, shared, and practiced in a very real and personal way.


How do I get involved?  FINDBOX

Contact Pastor Cary or simply click on the box to locate a SALTgroup that will be right for you and your family!