The Call

Taking Acts 2:44 & Acts 4:32-35 as our guide, we believe God has called More 2 Life Ministries to be a church with an “open hand” to supply for the physical and/or financial needs of those who make up our community. This calling is essential if we are to be a Christ-Centered, caring community that reflects the glory of God. As Christ, who is the very essence of God’s glory, gave Himself to pay our debt of sin, so we must give of ourselves and possessions to meet each other’s needs. In this way, we reflect His glory and extend His love to His people

 What is the Community Chest?

One of the ways that we here at More 2 Life seek to fulfill this God-given, open-hand calling to His church is through the Community Chest offering. There are people throughout our small town who are hurting and in need of the church to reach outside of their walls and simply BE the church to those in their time of need. It’s not an easy job, nor a glamorous act of valor, but a fulfilling mandate that comes directly from Christ Jesus to meet the needs of the kingdom around us (Matthew 25:31-46). The Community Chest is a collective, benevolent offering given by the community of More 2 Life to help members of our body who are struggling through financial hardships. All funds that we receive for the Community Chest are used strictly for assisting those in need.

How can I make a Difference?

In order to meet the needs of the members of our body, we are asking you to partner with us. Our reach can only extend as far as your faithfulness. We are asking you to give. Just like the first church in the book of Acts sold their possessions and gave to those among them who had a need. We are asking for the Lord to raise up people who are willing to be a part of someone else’s story. We need your help. If the Lord so moves you, give. Give not just of your finances, but give of your heart, give of your time, and be on mission with us to care and belong. If you wish to give a financial offering to the Community Chest you can:

Give Online: (Make sure to designate your gift to Community Chest Offering) Click Here


Write a Check:  More 2 Life Ministries, (on the memo line designate it to Community Chest Offering)

Mail to:  More 2 Life Ministries
               605 SW Park Street, Suite 214
                Okeechobee, Fl 34972

All donations given directly to More 2 Life Ministries are considered tax-deductible and will receive an annual financial statement. Thank you for your generosity and your sacrifice towards the advancement of God’s work through Community Chest.

I Need Help

We all experience difficult times in our lives and need the church to come around us for support. Because of the great need in our body, it comes needless to say that there are certain requirements for receiving the financial support of Community Chest. In order to receive financial assistance, we ask that the following prerequisites be met:

  • Active involvement in More 2 Life Ministries. Primarily active involvement in a SALTgroup.  (It is through the SALTgroups that we grow as a body of believers and come under accountability to each other. As SALTgroups seek to reach out and minister to each other, meeting the needs through that group, request for assistance will be made to the Community Chest)
  • A Need constitutes as an emergency such as: * Utilities (Electric/Water/Sewer) * Rent/Mortgage *Food/Groceries
  • No more than Three requests within a calendar year

Please keep in mind that there will always be exceptions to any policy established and More 2 Life will be willing to take requests on their individual merits that may come from outside the More 2 Life community. However, meeting the needs of our church body remains our main priority in extending financial assistance.