The vision of More 2 Life Ministries is to be a Christ-Centered community of caring and belonging where lives are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit to reflect the glory of God.




We accomplish the vision of More 2 Life through the process of  Serving And Living Together; which inturn leads us on a journey of deeper involvement through these four essential elements:

VISION_CELE     “The Gathering of God’s people, celebrating the risen Lord Jesus Christ and His power to transform lives” – John 12:32

VISION_sant                     “Intimate, interactive worship, responding to God’s call to abide in Him through prayer” – John 15

VISION_comAnswering God’s call to be the Body of Christ by personally engaging our lives into each other’s lives” – Acts 2:42-47

VISION_equip                                       “Preparing God’s people for works of service” – Ephesians 4:12